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General Information

NS3’s mobile science van brings a variety of hands-on science activities and traveling educators to your school, community function, and/or after-school group. NS3‘s science programs can be combined for a series of sessions, or as an independent session — mix and match from to create a unique schedule for you!

NS3 science programs promote team-work, collaborative learning and have group challenges. Science on the Move sessions are 60 minutes in length and require a minimum of 15 students.  Some programs (noted below) need more than one session, and Lego robotics programs are limited to 16 students.

Please contact outreach@nanaimoscience.org for more information and/or to schedule NS3 programs for your group!


In School Programs:

Bring NS3 to your classroom! NS3’s mobile science van can bring hands-on programs with specific curriculum links! Programs can be adapted to work with PLO’s across different grade levels.

All programs run for 60 minutes. Please inquire by email for pricing and available dates. Discounts available for bookings of 5 or 10 programs at the same school within in a school year.

To help make NS3 programs more accessible, KEVA blocks, flying machines, and marble maze madness are available for only $100 for 60 minutes.


After School Programs:

NS3’s mobile science van can bring hands-on interactive programs to your school!

Sessions run for 60 minutes following dismissal.  Please inquire by email for pricing and available dates.  School must provide a space (e.g. multipurpose room or library), decide on the length of the program (i.e. four or six weeks), choose grade range and session activities from the list below. We require a minimum of 15 students and maximum of 20. One sponsored spot can be allocated by the school free of charge. Once the program details have been decided, we will send you a registration form to distribute to be returned to the office with payments.

Kindergarten: Flying Machines
Design different “flying contraptions” and learn about lift and drag!  Can you make a heavy object fly in a wind tunnel? Explore concepts such as gravity, surface area and air resistance.  Targeted PLO’s:  The motion of objects depends on their properties; effects of pushes/pulls on movement, the effects of size, shape and material on movement.  

Grade 1: Light Exploration
Explore the different sources of light and how light interacts with different materials (including: transparent, translucent and opaque materials). Discover the many colours in ‘white’ light through inquiry-based hands-on tinkering with prisms.
Targeted PLO’s: Light and sound can be produced and their properties can be changed.  

Grade 2-3:  Terrariums
A terrarium is a closed ecosystem and provides an awesome example of the water cycle in action. Students will play the water cycle game and construct a functional terrarium to take home.  
Targeted PLO’s: Water is essential to all living things, and it cycles through the environment. Living things are diverse, can be grouped, and interact in their ecosystems; energy is needed for life.

Grade 3: Thermal Energy
Discover thermal energy and the process of heat transfer. See radiation, conduction and convection in action with hands-on activities such as insulating a mini “house”.
Targeted PLO’s: Thermal energy can be produced and transferred.

Grade 4:  Squishy Circuits
Explore circuitry and electronics with crazy pathways!  Students will use conductive and insulating dough to light up LEDs, run motors and sound buzzers Targeted PLO’s:  Energy can be transferred from one object to another.  

Grade 5: Inside the Rib Cage
Take a fascinating look inside the human body with a demonstration of the pump action of the heart and a hands-on model of the components of blood.  Then construct a working model of a lung to take home.
Targeted PLO’s: Basic structure and function of body systems.  

Grade 6: Newton’s Laws of Motion
Discover inertia as you try your hand at inertia towers. Explore force, mass and acceleration as you experiment with different variables with Newton cars. Build your own Rube Goldberg machine as you transfer energy from golf balls to dominos to blocks!
Targeted PLO’s: Newton’s three laws of motion describe the relationship between force and motion; the force of gravity.   

Outdoor Education: Outdoor education content is flexible and covers many topic areas and can be facilitated on your school property or a nearby park. Also, we can direct you to a grant that can cover costs for these lessons.

LEGO WEDO Robotics: Build and program LEGO robots.  Designs include fun animals and machines. Students make their LEGO creations move using drag and drop programming. 1-6 sessions.

Ozobots: Program little robots using colour codes to light up, move at different speeds and go in different directions. What kind of challenges can you program your robot to complete?

KEVA Block Creations:  Create masterpieces out of KEVA blocks- build towers, bridges, and more.  Explore why structures topple or remain standing. How high or wide can you build?

Flying Machines: Design different “flying contraptions” and learn about lift and drag!  Can you make a heavy object fly in a wind tunnel? Can you get a paper to fly across the room?  

Marble Maze Madness: Tinker away with NS3’s marble mazes!  Create your very own track with recycled materials.  Watch the marble go through tunnels, make drops, twists, turns and knock over a series of dominoes.  

Reactions: Experiment with a little kitchen chemistry.  Learn some basic chemistry fundamentals while you test your hand at making things explode and creating slime!  

Squishy Circuits:  Explore circuitry and electronics with crazy pathways!  Students will use conductive and insulating dough to light up LEDs, run motors and sound buzzers!  

Rockin’ Rockets:  Explore the transfer of energy from potential to kinetic energy through these rocking elastic-powered foam rockets. Tinker around with the launch angle to maximize flight height and distance.

Papermaking: Learn about the process of papermaking and recycling. Make your own piece of paper to take home.

Scribbling Machines: Tinker around with a simple circuit to make a motor spin. Attach the circuit to a container and markers to see what cool designs you can create!


Visit NS3’s Science Studio:

Schedule a visit with your group to NS3’s Studio and explore our many hands-on exhibits and activities. This is a 60 min., non-facilitated, free exploration experience for $60/class.


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