NS3’s In-school and After-school programs

General info:

NS3’s mobile science van brings a variety of hands-on science activities and traveling educators to your school, community function, and/or after-school group. NS3‘s science programs can be combined for a series of sessions, or as an independent session — mix and match from to create a unique schedule for you!


Science on the Move programs

Rockin’ Rockets 

  • Explore the transfer of energy from potential to kinetic energy through these rocking elastic-powered foam rockets. Tinker around with the launch angle to maximize flight height and distance. Grades 1-7.

Sail Car Explorations

  • Explore the transfer of energy through this inquiry-based hands-on tinkering with sail powered toy cars.  What happens when you change the size, density and shape of your sail? Grades 2-7.
Inside the Rib Cage!
  • Take a fascinating look inside with a demonstration of the pump action of the heart and a hands-on model of the components of blood.  Then construct a working model of a lung to take home. Grades 2-7.
Lego WEDO Robotics
  • Build and program basic lego robots. Designs include fun animals and machines, and students make their lego’s move using drag and drop programming.  Students can also test their imagination by designing their own robots and programs!  Grades K-7.

Lego EV3 Robotics

  • Take your lego robotics skills to a new level with EV3! The programming follows the same drag and drop method from WEDO but incorporates advanced functions and can take multiple classes to complete. Grades 4-7.

KEVA block creations

  • Create masterpieces out of KEVA blocks — build towers, bridges, and more. Explore why structures topple and remain standing. How high can you build? How wide can build? Grades K-7.

Flying machines

  • Design different “flying structures” and learn about lift and drag! Can you make a heavy object fly in a wind tunnel? Can you get paper to fly across the room? Grades K-7.

Marble Maze Madness

  • Tinker away with NS3‘s Marble Mazes! Create your very own track with recycled materials. Watch the marble go through tunnels, make drops, twists, turns and knock over a series of dominoes. Grades K-7.


  • Experiment with a little kitchen chemistry. Learn some basic chemistry fundamentals while you test your hand at making things explode and creating slime! Grades K-7.

Squishy Circuits

  • Explore circuitry and electronics with crazy pathways!  Students will use conductive and insulating dough to light up LEDs, run motors and sound buzzers! Grades 2-7.

*Custom Program*

  • NS3 would be happy to work with you to create a program that suits your needs.  If you would like to cover specific topics that are not listed, then we can create a custom program for you.  Note: Additional cost may apply.


Additional information:

NS3 science programs promote team-work, collaborative learning and have group challenges. Science on the Move sessions are 60 minutes in length and require a minimum of 15 students.  Some programs (noted above) need more than one session, and Lego robotics programs are limited to 16 students.  Please contact nanaimoscience.outreach@gmail.com for more information and/or to schedule NS3 programs for your group!

Science on the Move Pricing

  • In-School Program (60 minute session): $190/class up to 22 students, with $5/student over 22 students
  • After-School Program (60 minute session): $10/student
    * minimum of 15 students required to run a program session


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