District-Wide Programs

Grade 2, 5, and 6 students, through arrangements made by their teachers, will have the opportunity to take part in tailored science programs delivered by Nanaimo Science.  A limited number of Grade 7 programs will be offered as well.  All activities will be done outdoors with strict COVID safety practices in place.

Brand new programs for Grade 2 (Our Microscopic World) and Grade 6 (Environmental Protection) will be delivered between January to March 2021.  Programs for Grade 5 (Citizen Science) and Grade 7 (Healthy Streams) will run starting in April 2021.  Teachers should consult with their Principals for more information about these opportunities.

Ongoing Programs
Science on the move

Hey Teachers, bring Nanaimo Science to your school with our School-yard Programs and outdoor-focused field trips! Nanaimo Science’s mobile science van can bring hands-on programs with specific curriculum links.  We also offer GO Grant eligible field trips that are focused on outdoor science and sustainability activities.  Programs can be adapted to work with PLO’s across different grade levels.

Wandering School III - Earth Sciences

Join us for our Wandering School III – Earth Sciences occurring Mondays starting April 10, 2021!  These outdoor sessions will be held at different local parks and places each week, with curated activities based on the environment and species in each location.

This 6-week series will have learners develop a greater understanding of weatherseasonswater, landforms, geology, sustainable energy sources, and space!  We are excited to offer unique experiences to our students with new activities including the chance to explore the night sky with a special evening class (April 26th – 7:00 – 8:30 PM) and discover the unique geology at Saysutshun/Newcastle Island (May 17th 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM).

Hey Parents!

Nanaimo Science offers a wide range of activities aimed at children from infancy to Grade 7.  Check out our school break camps, Pro-D day camps and workshops, and Homeschool supports!