Pro-D & School Break Camps!

Nanaimo Science is a great place to spend your day!  Learn, have fun, explore outdoors and make friends!

We offer two styles of camps: full-week registrations and individual day camps.  All camps are lead by our trained Outreach Educators, who are university students/graduates in science or education; they are also very experienced with children, and we ensure that there is a certified first aid leader at each camp.

Ongoing Programs
Science on the move

Hey Teachers, bring Nanaimo Science to your school with our School-yard Programs and outdoor-focused field trips! Nanaimo Science’s mobile science van can bring hands-on programs with specific curriculum links.  We also offer GO Grant eligible field trips that are focused on outdoor science and sustainability activities.  Programs can be adapted to work with PLO’s across different grade levels.

VMAC Presents Saturday Morning Science

We are excited to announce the return of VMAC presents Saturday Morning Science!  This year’s version includes a FREE preschool session and a school-aged children session, like in previous years.  Thanks to VMAC’s generous donation, these sessions are a very affordable way to have your child explore technology and science!

Hey Parents!

Nanaimo Science offers a wide range of activities aimed at children from infancy to Grade 7.  Check out our school break camps, Pro-D day camps and workshops, and Homeschool supports!