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December 21 & 22 – STEM Exploration (Daily Camps for Private and Homeschooling students)
December 21 and/or 22, 2023; 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (daily)

Nanaimo Science @ Country Club Centre

Age Range:

Build, create & discover with Nanaimo Science!  Every day, we will be taking on new STEM activities with our scientists.

***Please note public schools are still in session – these dates are intended for private and homeschooling children.***

Daily outdoor time during lunch/recess and additional fun activities will help round out our days unless the weather does not permit a safe walk to Long Lake.

Families can register for whichever days they need  – content will be related, but not carried-over or repeated during this week!


$70 per day

Homeschool Winter 2024 Classes
Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Nanaimo Science @ Country Club Centre

Age Range:
Kindergarten - Grade 3 or Grades 4-7

In this program, learners will explore a wide range of Chemistry, Physics, and Applied Design Skills and Technologies curricular competencies.

Families may pick & choose the dates and themes that are of greatest interest to them, or enroll in the full 7-week program.

Primary Programs
Kindergarten – Grade 3
Tuesdays 10:30 – 11:30 AM OR Wednesdays 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Intermediate Programs
Grades 4- 7
Tuesdays 1:00 – 2:30 PM OR Wednesdays 10:30 – 12:00 PM


$18 per 1-hour workshop for Primary students; $28 per 90-minute workshop for Intermediate students.  Discounted rates for full 7-week program registration.

Fall 2024 High School Semester Themes
September 12
Geology: Rock Cycle, Classification, Mohs’ Hardness Scale, Mineral “mining”
September 26
Chemistry: Reduction/Oxidation lab
October 10
Life Sciences: Genetics workshops
October 24

At Nanaimo Science, we offer a variety of activities to support learning and exploration for all children. If you have questions about whether a program is right for your child, please contact us.

As always, parents can choose the level of program best-suited for their child, but please note that our recommended groupings address specific key concepts in the BC Science curriculum for these specific grades.

Primary (Grades K-3): Primary students will enjoy 1-hour programs that are well-suited for pre-readers and young learners who are taking an experiential and investigational-based approach to learning.  Outdoor programs will involve walks that are appropriate for this age range.

Intermediate (Grades 4-7):  Intermediate students will take part in 90-minute or longer programs with more complicated lessons, and activities that include reading, writing, measuring, and use of other more technical tools.

High School (Grade 8-12): High school students will take part in 90-minute long programs designed to challenge their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These programs will delve into advanced scientific concepts, incorporating hands-on experiments, data analysis, and discussions on real-world applications. Outdoor activities may include field studies, ecological assessments, and the use of sophisticated scientific equipment, fostering a deeper understanding of the natural world and preparing students for future academic and career pursuits in science.

Nanaimo Science reserves the right to expel any participant, without refund of fees, who behaves inappropriately, is disruptive to other participants, volunteers or staff, or becomes a danger to themselves or others.


Full 4 week session for High School students: $120.00 (taxes waived); each regular class is 90 minutes long.

All supplies and admission fees for students included; transportation is not provided.

Cancellation, Withdrawal and Refunds:

Nanaimo Science reserves the right to cancel a program one week prior to the start date, and will refund all fees for a cancelled program. Programs cancelled less than one week prior to the start date due to unforeseen reasons (including but not limited to weather conditions or site safety) will be rescheduled or fees will be refunded as credit towards another program.  Withdrawal with refund must be requested in writing more than two weeks prior to the program start date. Any withdrawals or changes will be subject to a $10 administrative fee for a single day program, and $25 for a multi-day program (per child registered). There are NO REFUNDS given for withdrawals requested less than two weeks prior to the first day of a registered program or at any time during the program. Pro-rated refunds are NOT available for days absent from a registered program.

Can I use my "allotment funds" for Nanaimo Science programs?

Yes!  Most schools have Student Learning Resource Fund (SLRF) or allotment limits per semester, programs would qualify for your Winter 2023 semester.  You can also pay by credit card or e-transfer if you wish to pay for programs out of pocket.  Please note that if funds are not available for your student, families will be responsible for any costs incurred.


What other programs do you offer for Homeschoolers?

If you are interested in other programs with your in-person teacher or PAC-funded clubs, we are open to coordinating special activities for your homeschooling group or class!  Please contact us for opportunities.  Children can also take part in any of our Pro-D camps, March Break camps, or other programs!



Hey Parents!

Nanaimo Science offers a wide range of activities aimed at children from infancy to Grade 7.  Check out our school break camps, Pro-D day camps and workshops, and Homeschool supports!