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Scribbling Machines

Tinker around with a simple circuit to make a motor spin. Attach the circuit to a container and markers to see what cool designs you can create!


Learn about the process of papermaking and recycling. Make your own piece of paper to take home.

Rockin’ Rockets

Explore the transfer of energy from potential to kinetic energy through these rocking elastic-powered foam rockets. Tinker around with the launch angle to maximize flight height and distance.

Squishy Circuits

Explore circuitry and electronics with crazy pathways! Students will use conductive and insulating dough to light up LEDs, run motors and sound buzzers!


Experiment with a little kitchen chemistry. Learn some basic chemistry fundamentals while you test your hand at making things explode and creating slime!

Flying Machines

Design different “flying contraptions” and learn about lift and drag! Can you make a heavy object fly in a wind tunnel? Can you get a paper to fly across the room?

KEVA Block Creations

Create masterpieces out of KEVA blocks- build towers, bridges, and more. Explore why structures topple or remain standing. How high or wide can you build?


Program little robots using colour codes to light up, move at different speeds and go in different directions. What kind of challenges can you program your robot to complete?

Scratch Programming

Learn to code and develop your own video game! Students will learning coding fundamentals using drag and drop programming. Additional sessions will allow students to build on their experience to make more complex codes and troubleshoot their end products. 1-4 sessions.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education content is flexible and covers many topic areas and can be facilitated on your school property or a nearby park. Also, we can direct you to a grant that can cover costs for these lessons.

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Nanaimo Science offers a wide range of activities aimed at children from infancy to Grade 7.  Check out our school break camps, Pro-D day camps and workshops, and Homeschool supports!