Please see descriptions of Studio drop-in activities and registered programs below.



Drop-in programs will start the week of September 12th, 2017!


Science Studio Open House
September 30 10:00am to 12:00pm 

If you’re new to NS3 or a regular enjoy some family fun exploring the many hands-on exhibits at our new Science Studio! Discover our water table, marble wall, wind tunnel and more engaging science activities!

To guarantee your spot to this amazing FREE event register online here. One ticket is valid for one child (ages 2+) and up to two adults for the 10:00am to 11:00am or 11:00am to noon time slot (time must be specified). There will also be a couple of drop-in spots available for each time slot.   ALL TICKETS ARE NOW SOLD OUT.



Thursday and Saturday


Drop-In: During Drop-In times our hands-on studio is open for visitors to explore at their leisure. Children are $5, and adults are free (Drop-In book of 10 for $40). For safety purposes we require children under age 16 be accompanied by a minimum number of supervising adults:

Children 4 years old and under, 1 adult per every 3 children is required.

Children 5 years old to 9 years old, 1 adult per every 5 children is required.

Children 10 years old to 16 years old, 1 adult per 10 children is required.

Starting in October, the last Saturday of every month will be a themed Drop-In! The regular exploration of the studio will still be available with the themed activity as a bonus to our many hands-on science exhibits. 

October – Egg Drop Challenge 

Test your engineering skills with our Egg Drop Challenge! We will supply the materials and you bring the creativity. How high you can drop your egg without it breaking?

November – Microscopic Guessing Game 

Explore what objects look like at the microscopic level! Microscopes will be set out across the studio with their contents covered – try your hand identifying the various objects from what you see under the microscope. 

Interested in a bringing a group to the studio? Please contact us for group drop-in rates. 



(no registration required)

TUESDAY 3:00-4:30pm

Science Club:  This is a drop-off program where students are able to create and program LEGO creations using drag and drop programming, as well as enjoy open explorations in the science studio. We allow 90 minutes for each class but students are not required to stay for the entire session.  Ages: 6+; $10 (cash or cheque please)  No pre-registration necessary.


Workshops, Birthday Parties, and all other programming: Please visit our website ( or contact for more information.


Some Activities Available During Drop-In







Class Descriptions for registered programs:

Infant Sensory Class:  This is a 4 week series for parent and child that explores different sensory activities.  Each week will feature a different sense: touch, sight, sound and smell.  The class is led by an NS3 educator and will take you and your child through several stations related to the sense of the day. Ages 6-18 months with parent participation. New session starting Monday October 2 from 9:00 – 9:45am. Cost: $34.

Pre-school Explorers:  This is a 4 week series for parent and child that explores different hands-on science activities suited for ages 2-4 yrs.  Each week there will be a theme and several activity stations within that theme.  For example, a theme of “Mixing and Separating” with activities such as making slime and coffee filter chromatography.  You’ll go home inspired with lots of new ideas to try!  Ages: 2-4 yrs with parent participation. New session starting Tuesday September 19 from 10:30 – 11:15am. Cost: $34.


Homeschool Science Classes:

New format!  This program targets specific prescribed learning outcomes in science for each grade which should qualify the work happening here at the NS3 for credit.

Interactions: Energy and the Environment

This three week series will cover a variety of topics targeted specifically at the curriculum for this age range.  Our first lesson will have students participating in citizen science, a survey to measure the diversity and abundance of bivalves at Departure Bay Beach.  Back at the studio, students will explore different forms of energy and energy transfer using tools such as our squishy circuit kits.

Grades: 3, 4, 5

Targeted PLO’s: Living things are diverse, can be grouped, and interact in their ecosystems (Grade 3).  All living things and their environment are interdependent (Grade 4).  Energy comes in a variety of forms that can be transferred from one object to another (Grade 4).  Multicellular organisms have organ systems that enable them to survive and interact within their environment (Grade 5).  Machines are devices that transfer force and energy (Grade 5).

Dates: September 19 (at Departure Bay Beach), September 26 and October 3 from 12:30-2:00pm at NS3’s Science Studio   Cost: $45

Shedding Light on Motion

This three week series will cover a variety of science topics targeted specifically at the curriculum for this age range.  Topics will include light exploration with different light sources, splitting light with prisms, and concepts such as transparent vs. opaque.  We will learn about how water cycles through the environment, transpiration and capillary action by building terrariums.  Lastly, students will learn about forces and motion by designing experiments involving friction, gravity and simple machines.

Grades: K, 1, 2

Targeted PLO’s: The motion of objects depends on their properties (K). Plants and animals have observable features (K).  Light and sound can be produced and their properties can be changed (Grade 1). Living things have features and behaviours that help them survive in their environment (Grade 1).  All living things have a life cycle (Grade 2).  Forces influence the motion of an object (Grade 2).  Water is essential to all living things, and it cycles through the environment (Grade 2).

Dates: October 10, 17, 24 from 12:30-2:00pm at NS3’s Science Studio   Cost: $45


Homeschool Full Day Workshop: Discover the human body with NS3’s Full Day Workshop. We will discover the intricacies of the building blocks of the human body through DNA extraction, building our own double helixes and mitosis activity.  A portion of the day will be spent outside and performing experiments and activities about the brain and the body’s reaction time. Students will also make heart pump models and investigate the different components of blood! Date: September 29, 2017. Ages: 6+. Cost: $40. Location: NS3’s Science Studio.




  • Located at 4355 Jinglepot Road (former Mt. Benson Elementary- now home to Island ConnectEd) 
  • Please note, Island ConnectED school is a nut-free, citrus-free and scent-free facility.



SCHOOL PROGRAMS: NS3 has a wide variety of  school programs available — bring your class for a fun-filled morning of hands-on science. For more information on our school programs, download our program worksheet.

SATURDAY WORKSHOPS: On select Saturdays throughout the year, the NS3 offers fun science workshops. Find more information and registration here.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES: Bring the kids to us and watch them celebrate and have fun at the Studio. Click here for more birthday party information and contact to check on availability.

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