Big Science for Little Hands II: Community Connections

Together, the Nanaimo Science and Sustainability Society (NS3) and Science World BC worked with Early Childhood Educators to complement the original Big Science for Little Hands activity book, with additional hands-on science resource materials. Our goal is to make science fun, hands-on, accessible to educators and to provide examples on how to link science concepts to the local community. We hope that these resource materials complement what you are already doing and offer additional ideas for making local connections.





Trees & Plants Hands-on activities to learn about plants of all kinds.

Bubble & Fizz Explore how bubbles are formed….and popped!

Senses Tune in to your senses.

Rockin’ Rocks Dig for fossils….or create your own.

Structures Explore what materials and designs make the best buildings.

Salt & Fresh Water Explore how salt affects water properties and learn about marine creatures.

Balance This Build mini-acrobats and practice your own tricks.

The Air Up There Explore floating and flying through the air!


* click on links to download pdf copies of each unit

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