Citizen Science: Resources for Volunteers


NS3 is currently looking for volunteers for Citizen Science research days in May and June 2019.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining the team!

Volunteer as a Research Guide

As a research guide, you will be mentoring a group of 5-8 students in data collection and measurement. Specifically you will assist the students with:

• Placing sampling quadrats on permanent transects for long term sampling.

• Sampling 0.25m2 quadrats and measuring all bivalves present in the quadrat. Quadrats will be dug to a minimum of 10cm.

• Assisting students to measure sediment via sediment cores, and take sediment samples for further analyses.

• Helping students measure and identify bivalves (with the help of bivalve ID experts at the measuring station), as well as record their data.

• Helping the students place bivalve samples back into sediment so that disturbance is limited.

Volunteer at the Environmental Education Tables

At the environmental Education tables you will help students participate in NS3’s Environmental Education Activities which includes bivalve identification and dissection, seaweed presses, card games, and touch tanks.

volunteers help students identify marine organisms

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